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-Relationship through the Holy Spirit, your Human Spirit, your Soul, and the World-
Invoke the Holy Spirit as the conduit to your human spirit to transform your soul,
as you pray with God, and read His words in Jesus, and guide you in interacting with the world.


At birth, our human spirit is dead and we live by the soul which is made up of our mind, emotion, and will, and tied to sinful things of this world. The Holy Spirit will not dwell in a human spirit tied to sin, so we must repent by seeking God's grace in love, humility, and obedience with God through prayer and reading His words in Jesus. We can then participate in the flow of the Trinity through the Holy Spirit, influencing our human spirit and enlightening our soul, and experiencing a unique relational connection within yourself and then to others. Our human spirit is made up of intuition, communion, and conscience...allow this new relationship (awakening/rebirth) between your human spirit and your soul.


The essence of the Trinity are relationships achieved through the flow of love (based on humility and obedience). You may think love is only an earthly characteristic, but actually the dynamics of love is metaphysical and must be at the core of our soul to enter into a state of grace and connect with God through spirit in this world and exist with God in the afterlife.

-Spirit of the Living God-

   -Living Spirit of Jesus-   

-Holy Spirit is the energy and relationship between God and Jesus-
-Energize yourself and your relationships through the Holy Spirit-


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