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Connect the dots to understanding a Christian faith with our supernatural God of Trinity.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience in a relational universe.

Spiritual Creed: We have free will to find spirituality on our own, through others, and through religion,
and the choice to
seek grace with the God of Trinity and live a spiritual life in a...


(1) relationship with God through prayer and conversation
(2) relationship in Jesus through reading His words
(3) relationship through the Holy Spirit that can guide our human spirit

     ...and transform our soul to interact with God and the world

     ...through a metaphysical state of grace that flows in:

  • love

  • humility

  • obedience with God through prayer and reading His words in Jesus

How is your human spirit today, is it awakened?  Is your soul transformed?
-Follow these steps as a blueprint to seek and feel the living energy of grace- 


God has never been one but is three

Holy Spirit flows freely in our atmosphere

Jesus is the...

Leap into the Flow of Grace...
  - grounded in love, humility, obedience
      & supernatural energy

Heart of God

Word of God

Plug into the Universe
  ...and the flow of grace
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