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-Relationship in Jesus through His Words-
Jesus is the Word of God. Reading the words are critical because it both fortifies and transforms our spiritual heart (and soul).
This transformation is supernatural and subconscious, just be obedient and READ the words of God in Jesus while seeking grace and your consciousness on EVERYTHING will change. 

It is difficult having a relationship with God without knowing His thoughts through His words, and without it, our relationship with God would be a temporal self-centeredness of our own worldly desires.


Jesus died for our sins, and a spiritual soul being in Jesus through a metaphysical state of grace at our death will reconcile us with God and bring salvation.


We should focus on the new testament readings of Jesus. The old testament scriptures were the foundation of Moral Law with over 300 prophecies about the coming Messiah's life, death, and victorious resurrection, but Romans 10:4 says "Christ is the end of the law."

You can read the Words of Jesus through a Bible (New Testament), or to really get to the Heart of God find a devotional book 
(click on the examples shown below) that only speak the Words that came directly from our Savior.

-Meditate on these words daily-


The Divine Dance is what inspired the author of the Essay, and you may want to read the book yourself to broaden your horizon and understanding of our relational universe.

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Grow in Grace

Living a life filled with love and humility in our heart and towards others, and praying with God, and reading the Word of God in Jesus every day will allow us to find grace with God. To achieve a deeper relationship and grow further in grace you may attend a local church and receive sacraments including Baptism, Reconciliation, Confirmation, Eucharist, Marriage, Holy Orders, and Anointing of the Sick.


Each of the Sacraments are means by which visible actions and physical matter communicate supernatural realities, and His grace to us, and allow us to participate in the divine life. When we find ourselves in Heaven, we will no longer need physical signs because we will actually be living in the supernatural reality of the Trinity. For now, while we are here, Jesus wants to give us a foretaste of what is to come. These Sacraments are literal opportunities to participate in the divine life–in our physical bodies–while we exist in this physical world on Earth until everything is fulfilled at the end.


It is also important to understand that the more we participate in the divine life while we're here, the more our intimacy with Him deepens. The more our intimacy deepens, the more grace we receive. The more grace we receive and the closer we get to God, the less likely we are to sin. So, there is a direct connection between taking advantage of the gifts of the Sacraments and rooting out the tendency toward sin in our lives, helping us to prepare our hearts for Him.

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