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-Relationship with God the Father through Prayer-
We live in a relational universe of entity and energy, with a relational flow of 3’s. An atom is the flow of 3 (proton, neutron, electron) and so are the planets, stars, and galaxies. Our Creator is a God of Trinity of
3 (Father, Son, Holy Spirit), and since we are only an entity of 2 (soul, spirit), He grants us “Grace” as divine energy and the 3rd component of our relational flow (soul, spirit, grace) to be one in spirit with Him in life and in death of our body through salvation. 


In life, God made humans as physical (in flesh) to be in relationship with each other, and metaphysical (in spirit) to be in relationship within yourself (human spirit and soul) and with Him. 


Plug into the universe and walk with one foot in the physical world and the other foot in the spiritual world.

The Essay below was written by an unknown author inspired after reading a powerful book entitled the Divine Dance. 
The message given is simple, God our Father wants a supernatural relationship with us to help us live a more spiritual life on Earth 
and to prepare our soul for celestial life in Heaven. Experience the metaphysical state of grace God had intended for each of us
achieved through love, humility, and obedience with God through prayer and reading His words in Jesus. 


Temporal (mind) versus Spiritual (heart)
Many of us have gone through life making decisions led wholly by our temporal mind influenced by our will, emotion, and physical body, but as we build a relationship with God through conversation (e.g., prayer) and reading His words in Jesus a manifestation occurs as our human spirit unites with the Holy Spirit and our heart is tied to God's heart and we begin to lead our lives spiritually. Our soul is tied to our heart, and when we are in a state of grace, our heart and soul are transformed by the spirit, and when we surrender to God's will (not our will) to lead our life in faith we are blessed to receive His graces. When you put God first before all other relationships, all other relationships will thrive.


-Talk to God our Father daily-

Invoke the Holy Spirit
One of the most critical messages on this website is how to invoke the Holy Spirit and plug into the Universe. Say the following words at the onset of each prayer, visualizing energy forming around your head-and-heart (vertically) and shoulder-to-shoulder (horizontally):
"Dear God my Father, I pray to you in Jesus' name, through the Holy Spirit" 
Then PAUSE...the pause allows the Spirit of God to enter your may not achieve this Presence your first few days of prayer if you're forming a new relationship with Him, but as you get closer to God in seeking grace through a repentant heart, you will feel the change in consciousness through this act of faith as you achieve a state of grace. Then simply PRAY by conversation with love and humility in your heart. Be careful not to talk AT God and instead talk WITH Him allowing time to discern His will and guidance for you.

Feel free to print the Essay off and give copies to help others on their journey, and/or display in your home to make a profession of faith.

Disclaimer: No financial gain or profit are achieved through the display of this essay or website.

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